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Busked at Pedestrian Sunday, August 31, 2014THREE WORDS: LOSS, LIFE, FATE

Busked at Pedestrian Sunday, August 31, 2014

one happy customer

one happy customer

FIVE WORDS: lunacy, harvest, affection, manifest, quagmire

beyond this realm is something
worth seeing but it’s not entirely
a knot of confusion
a conundrum, a quagmire, an affect
that affects everything it touches

for you see that confusion and chaos
births a level of love
within our simple thoughts

deep within the forest
years deep into the harvest
a child hold a seed with tender affection
the sky bursts a new shade
fades deep within her skin
and she smiles at clouds, 
allowing her to explore the realm beyond vision
beyond believability, beyond the beyond

and this seed, planted in
blackened soil will manifest
and bless the entire village
beating a joy to all who eat it’s fruit
whose lips are nourish
who once were lost, now understand that knowledge
goes beyond apples, 
never forbidden
they dispel doubt
it becomes written

the confusion, the quagmire of existence,
a bundle of madness, a puzzle to be
solved, can’t seem to find a way
into the young child’s mind
with a days worth of bruises and muddy
elbows, the strangeness, the lunacy of being
washes away from the mind
as she waters away at the seed
and the realm beyond vision
is within her grasp…is it within yours?

(C) Whitney French 2014

Nuit Blanche, 2013Crashed the festivalBusked over 40 poems in one nightSlept 11 hours the next dayThanks to Tom Buis for the photo

Nuit Blanche, 2013

Crashed the festival
Busked over 40 poems in one night
Slept 11 hours the next day

Thanks to Tom Buis for the photo

Here are a few of the poems pumped out for the OCAD Zine Fair last week. Take it in fair folks!


The OCAD Zine Fair was fruitful. Busked a bunch of classic stanzas

three words: PAM, LIGHT, CHALLENGE

three words: PAM, LIGHT, CHALLENGE

to write poetry, sincere poetry, it is like performing heart surgery on yourself without anaesthesia…in public

Amir Sulaiman

first time I busked, at Osgood station, July 2013

first time I busked, at Osgood station, July 2013

a really long poem


written at the regal road open mic

Expozine was the largest zine fair I ever attended. It looked as though there were over 1,000 people in that church basement between the two days. Luckily I sold many a books and poems, met some incredible folks and all without a camera. Much credit and respect to the people who photographed their poems and sent it to me. Special thanks to Jerome Arfouche who photographed the black and white with a film camera